Mexico City 2017

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Foundry Photojournalism Workshop

10th Annual Foundry Workshop - Mexico City - July 22-29, 2017
7 Days of Photography, Community & Inspiration

Join us for the 10th Annual Foundry Photojournalism Workshop. After 9 workshops held all over the world, from Bali to Buenos Aires, Foundry is returning to the place where it all started: Mexico City.

A Foundry workshop is like no other. Over one hundred photojournalists from all over the world come together for a week of intense learning. Students choose to take one class with one or two instructors that lead the week's work of shooting, editing and producing a final project.

Our instructors are among the world's finest visual journalists, working for top publications like The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and services like the Associated Press and Getty Images.


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