Neal Jackson, reviewing forms of contracts with students in special class on Business and Legal Issues of Photojournalism.

Photojournalism is a Business – Remember That!

Cape Town, July 14, 2016 – Today students got a large dose of something other than photography and story telling.  Your blogger taught a two-hour course in the Business and Legal Issues of Photojournalism. The course started with the useful reminder that, to continue in photojournalism, one must earn enough to live.  Thus one has…

Possible instructors; line-up may change due to availability

2016 South Africa Instructors

Peter DiCampo
Jodi Bieber
Edward Echwalu
Andrea Bruce
Thorne Anderson
Kael Alford
James Whitlow Delano
Jared Moossy
Claire Rosen
Ron Haviv
Neal Jackson