Portraiture/Street Photography & The Human Condition

with Holly Wilmeth

Photographing in a foreign country and on the move calls for curiosity, intuitive awareness, cultural competence, and technical expertise. This course is an exploration of creating compelling visual storytelling through the photo essay and also through capturing audio (by choice). By listening actively, observing poetically, and weaving images with audio to capture a moment in time or a “day in the life”, we explore the visual/creative/ and technical skills behind producing multimedia projects as well as beautiful and powerful stories. Students are encouraged to have a couple of stories/ideas in mind before arrival to the workshop. The city is full of festivals, celebrations, street scenes, markets, neighborhoods and a myriad of other possibilities for a story. Students can choose to incorporate audio to their stories.

Holly will help students narrow their choice and vision and produce a cohesive, powerful photographic essay about life. She will also guide students through practical points such as gaining access to a story, operating in sensitive situations, working in Third World Countries, local customs, nuances, issues and dangers, as well as completing an evocative photo essay. Through in-class discussions, field assignments and lab time, we will learn how to create media-rich audiovisual portraits that inspire and inform. Holly is an experienced photographer working in Latin America and will help students produce work that will be shown during the final night’s student slideshow. This course will allow students to explore their interests in photography through the art of storytelling with a camera.