Hugo Infante

Hugo Infante

Photojournalist Hugo Infante was born on October 19, 1972, in Santiago, Chile, in the midst of a dying socialist government, which marked a madness followed by total repression against opponents of the new military government.

Infante saw in photography a great passion, ended partially during his enrollment as a journalism student in the private Bernardo O’Higgins University.

In 1993, Infante joined La Tercera – the largest newspaper in Chile with a national circulation – as a crime reporter. After one year, he was assigned to night shift as a crime reporter. In 1999, he was named Night Shift Editor. Four years later, he was named Sunday Edition editor, position that he left in February of 2004 to enroll as a photographer and writer (Spanish service) for United Press International (UPI), in Baghdad, Iraq.

Hugo Infante stayed during four months in Iraq, shooting pictures in cities like Baghdad, Fallujah and Najef. He also worked freelance for the Chilean newspaper, a Norwegian magazine, BBC Mundo (columnist) and photographer for EFE, the Spanish news agency.

He was one of the few reporters who stayed during the worst weeks of the Shi’ite revolution, which cost the lives of many Iraqi and American reporters.

His work has been published in Newsweek (en Español), Stern Magazine (Germany), New York Post, L.A. Times, London Times and magazines and newspapers in Chile.

Infante is a freelance photographer for Polaris, based in New York, USA. He is also a contributor for BBC Mundo and teaches at a private college.