Kadir Van Lohuizen

Before Kadir van Lohuizen became a photographer he was a sailor and started a shelter for homeless and drug addicts in Holland. He was also an activist in the Dutch squatter movement.

He started to work as a professional freelance photojournalist in 1988 covering the Intifadah.

In the years after he worked in many conflict areas in Africa, such as Angola, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Liberia and DR Congo. From 1990–1994 he covered the transition in South Africa from apartheid to democracy.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Kadir covered social issues in different corners of the former empire. He also went to North Korea and Mongolia. In 1997 he embarked on a big project to travel the seven rivers of the world, from source to mouth, covering the daily life along these lifelines.

In 2004 he went back to Angola, Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo to portray the diamond industry, following the diamonds from the mines to the consumer markets in the western world. The exhibition travels not only in Europe and the USA, but also in the mining areas of Congo, Angola and Sierra Leone.

In 2004 he also initiated a photo project together with Stanley Greene and six other photographers on the violence against women in the world. In 2006 he co-founded the magazine The Issue with Stanley Greene.

Recently Kadir has covered the conflict in Darfur, Chad and in Lebanon. Since hurricane Katrina happened he has made several trips to the USA to cover the aftermath and continues his work on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina still today.

In 2006 Kadir started a new project: a visual investigation on migration in the America’s. For this he travels from Tierra del Fuego (Patagonia) to Northern Alaska.

Kadir Van Lohuizen @ NOOR