Intermediate Multimedia Storytelling

Instructors: Henrik Kastenskov of Bombay Flying Club

The goal of the intermediate multimedia workshop is to enable each student to work independently on a Flash-based multimedia piece. The workshop will cover basic flash programming, graphic layout and storytelling for the web. We will be working with basic AS2 programming and teach students how to implement photos, videos, sound, text and graphics into a full multimedia presentation.

The first days of the workshop we will be concentrating on the Flash authoring environment and how to setup basic interactivity so the students can get an introduction to the program and work flow. We will show how to work with basic scripting, timeline function, buttons and movieclips. This will enable the students to setup their own unique multimedia project. During the first days of the workshop we will also be talking about online narratives, the use of sound in combination with stills and how to plan and storyboard a smaller web documentary.

Students should research a story beforehand and have contacts in place so they are ready to work on a photographic project immediately after the first few days of introduction. Students must be motivated to work extremely hard. This workshop is going to be intense!

During the week students will be working on a personal story/project that will include stills and original sound. Participants are urged to work independently rather than in teams. During the workshop Poul and Henrik will be available for constant feedback and guidance.

The last two days of the workshop will be spent putting the pieces together. This part of the workshop requires great effort and students should expect long hours.

Equipment required for this workshop

Personal laptop, digital sound recorder, still camera.
Software: Flash (the Adobe website provides a free 30-day trial version of Flash), Photoshop, Audacity, LAME encoder – links provided below: