Telling the Stories of Others

Photographing with Sensitivity and Expression Across Cultures

Instructor: Kael Alford

In this course, we will explore techniques to get beyond the surface things. Students will create meaningful photo essays about a foreign culture or sub-culture in a short period of time while developing personal vision and perspective. We will become more aware of the forces within our work by addressing a series of critical questions about ourselves. What meaning do we bring to the symbols and systems of culture unfamiliar to us? Is it possible to avoid stereotypes and biased views while maintaining our own voices? How and why do we choose our subjects? By becoming more aware of our own beliefs and motivations we can deepen our powers of expression.

Students will produce a photo essay on a focused topic in the local community. Students are encouraged to research Manali and the surroundings beforehand and communicate photo story ideas with the instructor prior to the workshop. Students should come to the first class rough proposals for topics and may want to arrive early and explore the surrounding area before the workshop begins.

Open to all student levels.