Storytelling with Heart and Power

with Michael Robinson Chavez

As photographers we have the power to tell visual stories of just about any subject or theme. We are going to focus on putting together a series of images that can tell a compelling story in a variety of forms depending on the goals and style of the photographer. This workshop will attempt to break photographers out of their comfort zone and experiment with their style, intellectual approach and stretch the ideas of narrative essay and storytelling. There will be no strict interpretation of how to tell a story, as a class we will have in depth discussions on the approach and success of reaching readers, art buyers and the general public with your work. Empty towns, portraits, street photography, in depth journalism, washed out color…whatever you would like to try or experiment with will be wide open here.The key is to bring power to the pictures and make them yours. You will be in the field shooting…a lot, and then we will have intense editing sessions where as a group we can discuss what we are seeing and what we are missing.

I will help take you to the next level and get beyond simply telling the exotic (we will be in India after all) and get to the human and/or artistic heart of your vision. The course will be demanding and I plan on learning from your visions as much as teaching. Also I will be happy to discuss matters of working on domestic and international stories and essays and overcoming obstacles regarding access, politics, logistics and anxieties. We can also discuss the incorporation of audio into your work and the delicate balancing act necessary to achieve gathering great audio and images on the same assignment. It promises to be an educational, exciting and busy week!