Storytelling that makes a difference

with Ami Vitale

This workshop is aimed to share our passion for photography and inject it into powerful story telling that makes a difference.  We will challenge stereotypes and the way we view the world around us and with this overarching goal in mind, the class discussions and course work will include how to develop a story, research, gain access, create strong imagery, edit, and finally, discuss the ethics of our role as journalists. We will also talk about job preparation and business aspects of working in a rapidly evolving field and finally, personal growth as an integral process of this kind of documentation.

The students can expect to come away with new skills and resources as well as feedback on a work in progress. Each person will develop an idea to document a story while we are in Manali and we will determine your objectives to best utilize the time in the field.  Students will research beforehand and develop ideas to create a body of work while we are together. We will also talk about gathering sound, creating narrative and a new approaches to stills for story telling. We will edit individually and create a presentation of your work to share with other students.

This class is open to all ability levels.