David Bathgate

David Bathgate is a freelance photojournalist represented by Corbis Images (Paris Bureau). He is also a contract photographer in Europe for The New York Times. Holding a Ph.D. in anthropology and master’s degree in journalism, his work frequently centers on other cultures, social systems different from those in the West and political situations that affect us all. For the past few years Bathgate has worked almost exclusively in the Middle East and Asia for publications such as Time, Newsweek, German Geo, Stern and Focus. He has since 2002, covered the situation in Afghanistan, from both military and civilian perspectives.  In addition, David conducts workshops and seminars on photography, photojournalism and visual communication in places like Dharamshala, India and Ladakh and at institutions like Pathshala – South Asian Institute of Photography, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and AINA in Kabul, Afghanistan.  David is also founder of The Compelling Image, an online, interactive school of digital photography, videojournalism and multimedia storytelling.

More of David Bathgate’s work can be seen at: http://www.davidbathgate.com, as well as at the site of his online teaching: http://www.thecompellingimage.com.