The Essential Guide to Backpack Journalism

with Jon Vidar

In today’s age of new media, the traditional roles of a journalist are rapidly changing.  As a photographer, it has become increasingly necessary to take a renaissance approach to your craft.  A complete project is no longer confined to good photos, but now includes audio, video, and even the written word.  This creates a challenge not just in the amount of technical skills you need, but also in the amount of gear you will have on your back.

Jon Vidar will teach this introduction to the world of Backpack Journalism.  The class will cover topics such as the tools you should carry in your tool chest, how to connect with subjects in foreign lands, and innovative approaches for content collection.  Technical lessons will include geotagging your images, creating and publishing 360 degree panoramic images, tips for shooting HD video with a DSLR, and how to pull everything together into a multimedia essay.  Discussions will include how to develop a project from research and funding to content collection and distribution — all without breaking the bank.

The class will be taught on Mac with software including Aperture, PhotoMechanic, Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, Soundslides, and Audacity. Jon also shoots Canon, but both PCs and Nikon are welcome.  If you have a fish-eye lens or a GPS device that will be a plus but not required. Nodal Ninja will be providing a demo unit for the panoramas, but if anyone is interested in purchasing one prior to the class please contact Jon directly