Capturing Cultures – Communicating Without Boundaries

with David Bathgate

In a 24/7, Global-Village world, room for misinterpretation of media pictures abounds.  Photographers are cultural beings, they see and work with defined eyes.  What they present to the world may not always be received as intended.  Response can range from indifference to all-out rage and even conflict.  There are images, though, that defy cultural boundaries, pictures that resound deep-down inside of us to tell the story – wherever we may be.  These are the images that communicate most powerfully to today’s fast-paced and shrinking world, where photos often never get a second look.  These are the pictures that get noticed – that draw emotion and stand the greatest chance of making any kind of difference.  Class participants will explore through discussion and example just what constitutes a universally effective photograph in today’s world – and then go out and create some of their own.