Scholarships for Istanbul 2010

The Foundry Photojournalism Workshop and our sponsors are happy to announce several full and half tuition scholarships to attend this year’s workshop.

In keeping with trying to have the Foundry be as ego-free an event as is possible, we call these the “No Need for a Name” scholarships. No big donors (we dont have any), no famous dead person or foundation to name it after. Just workshop tuition awards for needy talent on the cusp. Cusp of what ? Well, emerging is way too overused a word in this industry (emerging into what? a pretty butterfly? a broke photographer?), so we’ll use that Supreme Court case as an example- we know it when we see it.


Winners will be announced around March 15, 2010.

Applying for a scholarship is easy.  You just need to send us an email with images from your portfolio attached.  Please follow the instructions below to make sure you will be considered.

You may submit NO MORE than 20 images for consideration.  You may submit a story, single images or a mix of both.  This is up to you, we want to see what you think is your best work.

  1. Please name your images with your last name followed by the number, starting with 001.  (For example, If your name is John Smith, you would name your images: Smith_001, Smith_002, etc.)
  2. Please include caption information under “file info” in photoshop.  If you are submitting a cohesive story, you should indicate this in the caption fields.
  3. Resize images to 10 in on the longest side at 100 dpi.  Save it at compression/quality 8.  (In photoshop, go to image>image size, change the long side to 10in, change dpi to 100. When saving, you will be prompted to enter a number for the quality. Enter 8.)
  4. Place the images in a folder and name it your last name.
  5. After you have named, resized and captioned your photos, place them in a folder and then create a zip file or archive of this folder. (On a MAC, press control-click and select Compress “Smith” or Create Archive “Smith”.  On a PC, right-click and create archive or create zip)
  6. Compose an email to and attach your zip file.  (If it doesn’t fit in one email, split it into two parts and send two separate emails.)
  7. In the subject line, write SCHOLARSHIP
  8. In the body of the email, include your name, your citizenship and any professional or educational experience that is relevant.  Brief is best.  Please remember that this workshop is intended for students with three years or less professional experience.

If you have any questions about the application process, please review the above material carefully.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact Kirsten at

If you have already paid tuition but would like to apply, you may do so.  If you are selected, your tuition will be refunded at the workshop.  These scholarships are only for tuition, you are still responsible for transportation, lodging, meals and other daily expenses. And booze. And Turkish delight. And any big ass carpets you wanna buy.