FROM VISION TO LIFE: Documenting social issues outside the mediaʼs agenda setting.

with Guy Calaf

Researching and producing a compelling feature story requires time and skill. Connecting the final work with the media industry is even harder, especially in todayʼs deteriorating media industry. Photojournalists, especially in the early years of their careers find themselves working as their own producers, researchers, editors, marketers and accountants, having to deal with an obscure and, at times, hostile industry with very little or no help.
In the first half of this course we will combine intensive days of shooting a common assignment in different areas of the city with reflections on being a young “emerging” photojournalist in todayʼs industry. On the second half of our six days together, we will each choose a theme and develop it based on previous discussions and personal research.
We will meet every day in class for a few hours, brainstorming and sharing our thoughts about what we have been experiencing so far, focusing on the direction we want to take our work. Along with general guidelines about our profession, we will discuss how to stay attentive to stories that are in the shadow of todayʼs TV driven news flow.
Extensive research of the areaʼs social dynamics and areas of interest is strongly advised. The use of digital photo gear and laptop computers is required, as we will work on tight deadlines producing ready-to-market features. Multimedia productions are welcomed.