Assignment: ISTANBUL

with Henrik Kastenskov – Bombay Flying Club


It’s the workshops objective to give the student an insight into and an appreciation of online journalism/multimedia reporting techniques in order to address a rapidly changing media landscape in face of the global economic recession.


Each student/team will acquire ground level techniques to gather and edit material for use in an interactive presentation or web documentary. The students will work with sound, still photography and video as well as text. By the end of the workshop, the students will have produced a working web documentary.

Assignment: ISTANBUL

Produce a 3-5 minutes web documentary on the subject of ‘Istanbul’. This includes sound, still photography and video.

The students will be allowed to form teams of two or three. During 2nd and 3rd day they will gather all the material necessary to complete the web documentary. The last two days will be dedicated to editing and producing the actual documentary.

This is a VERY labour extensive workshop and the students should expect to work long hours. The students should have researched a subject prior to attending the workshop as the time schedule does not leave any room for research once the workshop has begun.

It can be anything ranging from a portraits of youth in tight knitted social groups, architectural structures till formations within a defined political segment.

The ball is up for graps as long as the web documentary relates to ‘Istanbul’.


Sound: Adobe Soundbooth  (30 day free trial version)

Photo: Photoshop, Fireworks

Video: iMovie HD, Final Cut Express/Pro