The Last Night: Student Work Shown; Awards Given

Foundry 2010 concluded Saturday night before a packed house with a show of work from the over 130 students participating.  Subjects ranged from street denizens living off collected paper and cardboard to the many cats of Istanbul.

The highlight of the evening, however, was the showing of a PG-to-X-rated video of the utility and value of scarves.  This hilarious work was produced and acted in by Foundry instructors and assistants, and starred Ron Haviv.   It will no doubt be an underground classic among photojournalists, if it ever surfaces again!

Many awards were given, including the Golden Scarf Award, this year won by Sarah Beth Glicksteen, formerly an intern for the US newspaper Concord Monitor and now a freelancer working in the Middle East and Europe.  In addition to the coveted Golden Scarf itself, she received a new ThinkTank rotation360° backpack. Other less serious awards included two for the sexiest male and female instructors, which to the delight of all were won by Henrik Kastenskov and Maggie Steber.

After the awards everyone headed to local bar Zurich for discount thirst-quenchers.  When your blogger left at nearly 2 a.m., the bulk of the students, instructors and staff were still going strong.

See you next year at Foundry, which will be somewhere in Latin America!

Maggie Steber winning the award for the Sexiest Female Instructor. © Neal Jackson
Sarah Beth Glicksteen winning the Golden Scarf Award, © Neal Jackson
Amir Al-Shariff of Yemen and Utku Kaynar of Turkey receiving prizes, Web sites from LiveBooks, © Neal Jackson
Instructors and staff watching slideshows of student work. © Neal Jackson

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