Luka Dakskobler

Story: The Long Nights on the Marmara Sea
Instructor: Jared Moossy

“Adem, Cevat and Cinar are the crew of a small five meter boat, rocking heavily on the Marmara Sea just off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. In the summer months, their boat is one of the smaller boats that struggle to fish here after the fishing season ends. In june, the fish migrate into cooler waters up the Mediterranean and only the big boats can follow them. Adem, Cevat and Cinar, and some of their friends, stay in Istanbul and struggle to make a living off the Marmara Sea and the scattered schools of fish. Starting every other in the afternoon and returning to port in the early morning of the next day”.

Luka Dakskobler at DAX Photo

“The Long Nights on the Marmara Sea” Multimedia Version


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