2012 Workshop classes

Ron Haviv in class, Foundry 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Power of Images in Today's Media - Maggie Steber *FULL*
International Photojournalism Today - Ron Haviv *FULL*
The Soul of Storytelling - Michael Robinson Chávez *FULL*
An Alternative Approach in Photography - Ashley Gilbertson
On Assignment - Adriana Zehbrauskas
Creative Editing and The Visual Story - Alison Morley *FULL*
Crafting a better reportage - Walter Astrada
The Stories No One Wants to See and No One Wants to Cover - Andrea Bruce *FULL*
Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling - Tewfic El-Sawy *FULL*
Web Documentary for Photojournalists: Storytelling for an online audience - Henrik Kastenskov *FULL*
Personal Reportage Storytelling - James Whitlow Delano & Paula Bronstein
Photography is always personal - Agnès Dherbeys
Towards a New SE Asian Photojournalism - Suthep Kritsanavarin
Formulating a Photo Essay - Jared Moossy
Introduction to Visual Storytelling - David Storey

Specialty seminars:

Legal and Business Aspects of Photojournalism - Neal Jackson (Seminar will last 2 hours)
Marketing seminar with Claire Rosen (Seminar will last 2 hours)
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