Congrats to Ahsan Qureshi and Spike Johnson

© Ahsan Qureshi

Foundry is proud to announce the winners of the first annual Facebook Shootout Contest. The winner with the most likes is Ahsan Qureshi with 1,378 votes. Ahsan wins free tuition to this year’s workshop. We have an honorable mentions as well- Spike Johnson’s stunning photo of Roma girls getting evicted takes this prize- another full tuition award, this one for Spike. Congrats to both of you, and thanks everyone for posting some great work! Even if you didn’t win please come anyway- you get a discount on tuition just for posting an image in the contest!


Younger residents play fight on an old sofa near the main gates to Dale Farm. Gypsies are used to the constant pressure to vacate, to the court cases and injunctions. They say that even if they do apply for planning permission, it’s always denied because of thier heritage. “This has always been a form of rascism, they’re bigots,” an elderly resident said in a heavy Irish accent. © Spike Johnson 2012