T minus One; A Sleeping Foundry Arises

CHIANG MAI, 29 July 2102 – It’s Sunday and excitement is in the air!  Tonight the formal registration begins at the building of co-sponsor Documentary Arts Asia (DAA) and the students meet their instructors, many for the first time.

Yesterday was headlined by an evening event at DAA, celebrating its six-month anniversary, at which over 200 people were present.  This included a large contingent of local supporters of DAA as well as Foundry students, staff and instructors.  The enthusiastic crowd spilled out of the DAA building and into Soi 3, blocking it from time to time.

Today instructors and staff finish up planning the schedule and fine tuning the events.  Sitting under the traditional Thai open-air porch at the faculty and staff hotel, sounds of thought and planning flow through the air.

And then the always-friendly Suzie Katz, whose foundation PhotoWings is a major sponsor of Foundry, appears, giving out big hugs (and getting them as well).

The karma is good, and everyone is poised to launch another successful Foundry experience!


Below, at the DAA event it’s shoes outside in the Asian tradition!

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  1. Love the blog, but wish I were with you all! Have a sensational week with your stellar teachers and fellow/fellowette students. Next year, Insha’allah.

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