Registration Night at DAA; the Street is Filled


CHIANG MAI, 29 JULY 2012 — Coming from from all over the world, the fifth annual class of Foundry students assembled in Chiang Mai tonight to complete the registration process and to pick up instructor assignments and class materials.

More than 125 students registered for a week of challenge, learning and growth guided by some of the worlds leading photojournalists, who donate their time to Foundry’s mission of training emerging photojournalists throughout the world.

Instructor Maggie Steber delivered the keynote address.  Her message was clear – photojournalism is not about the photographer, but rather about the subjects.  They should always be at the top of a photographer’s priorities, and being sensitive to them will always produce better photographs.

The students gathered in front of the interesting building housing local sponsor Documentary Arts Asia (DAA), at times filling the street.  After listening to the keynote address and staff information updates, students met with their instructors to receive information on what will be happening in each class.

Tomorrow classes begin at the excellent facilities at Chiang Mai University, and student projects will be identified and planned, and students will fan out into the city and countryside to begin their work.

The crowd of over 130 students from all over the world congregates in front of the Documentary Arts Asia building on Foundry’s opening night.








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  1. What a great workshop for photographers! Seems like everyone had a great time as well. I am sure there were tons of great photo opportunities as well to get in some practice

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