Speaker & Panel Address Psychological Trauma

CHIANG MAI – 31 July 2012 – This evening workshop participants heard a presentation by Dr. Paul Harper on psychological trauma associated with covering conflict and social issues, followed by a panel discussion by instructors on the effects they had observed in doing that work.

The panel discussion ranged far and wide, with participants noting the effect of conflict work and why they did it, and in some instances why they didn’t.  All acknowledged that prolonged exposure to conflict takes its toll, but wise personal management can permit a photojournalist to cover conflict, perhaps even indefinitely (though there was disagreement on that topic).

Participants in the panel included (below l-r) Ron Haviv, Walter Astrada, Paula Bronstein, Adriana Zehbrauskas, Agnes Dherbeys, Andrea Bruce, Ashley Gilbertson and Dr. Paul Harper.




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