A Day for Work, Reflection, Thanks, and…..a Little Play?

CHIANG MAI – 3 August 2012 – It was a day in which milestones were reached for some and others were sent back for still more images.  Excellence was the byword, and everybody realized it.  The pressure was building, but so was the excitement.  Work continued on all fronts during the day.

During the evening program, instructors Adriana Zehbrauskas (above), Ashley Gilbertson, Michael Robinson Chavez, Maggie Steber, Jared Moossy and Henrick Kastenkov showed significant works from their career, and answered student questions about them.

Founder Eric Beecroft (below) introduced the evening program by bestowing copious thanks individually to the hard-working Foundry staff and the faculty.

Finally, besides tuk-tuks (three wheel taxis) and songteaus (pickup trucks with passenger seats and covers on the back, operated like a cross between a bus and a taxi),  the most popular ride around Chiang Mai is the motorbike or motor scooter.  Below, Foundry’s own Hell’s Angels gang of instructors and faculty leave Chiang Mai University on their two-wheelers after a long, hard day, following a songteau with me in the back using my iPhone camera to catch the fun.  Gang members are (l-r) Walter Astrada, Tiffany Clark, Ron Haviv, Claire Rosen and Jared Moossy.

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