Nick McGrath Wins Golden Scarf Award; The Fifth Foundry Workshop Ends on Stratospheric High

CHIANG MAI – August 4 2012 – Australian Nick McGrath (above, r) has won the prestigious Golden Scarf Award for the 2012 Foundry workshop.  Selected by the workshop faculty,  and awarded at the closing slideshow of student work, held at the Art Museum of Chiang Mai University,  it rewards the highest achievements in the workshop.

In nominating McGrath, instructor Ashley Gilbertson praised not only his photographic works but also his team spirit, which he described as “second to none.”   “He’s bent over backwards.” Gilbertson said, “to assist every single other student in our workshop…”

McGrath currently works as a photographer and editor in Bangkok, Thailand.  He entered photojournalism from a career in the corporate world.

One-year websites from co-sponsor liveBooks were awarded to students Min Zar, Guy Likasit, Maneenoot Boonrueng, Kaung Tet, and Barat Ali Batoor for their achievements.

The audience also saw a new installment of the cult video series “The Scarf Saga.”  This underground work, only screened at Foundry, stars the Foundry faculty, and is produced and directed by fashion photographer Claire Rosen.   The works present important commentary in dramatic form on that all-important photojournalism accoutrement – the neck scarf.

The Sexiest Instructor Awards went to Jared Moossy and Andrea Bruce, to the delight of many in the audience.

A new award was bestowed – to the youngest photographer attending.  It went to 12-year-old Jemima Maycock of Banff, Canada (below with Eric Beecroft), who along with her 14-year-old sister Sadie, worked on the same basis as other students producing works on an orphanage in Chiang Mai (Jemima) and street dogs (Sadie).  Yes, their mother was here with them, but they were on their own in creating their works with instructor Dave Storey.


The workshop ended with cheers for everybody, copious thanks to Eric Beecroft and the Foundry staff, and a group photo (below) taken by Foundry alum Mervyn Leong.

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