Moises Castillo

Moises CastilloMoises Castillo is a Guatemalan photojournalist and editor with over two decades of experience covering Guatemala, Central America and Mexico. The Associated Press photographer is based in Guatemala City since 1994, and has been the interim Latin America Photo Editor since April 2013 to the present. Alongside a group of journalists, he founded one of the first independent newspapers of the post-democratic era in 1996 and was named photo editor of El Periódico de Guatemala. Castillo covered the coup in Guatemala on May 1993 lead by President Jorge Serrano Elias and the uprising of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), in Chiapas, Mexico, in January 1994. He also covered the end of the Guatemalan Civil War (1996), the signing of the Peace Accords, natural disasters like Hurricane Mitch and volcano eruptions, exhumations, start of the first-ever genocide trials in Latin America, the violence linked to the rise of gangs called “maras”, the drug war in Guatemala and Mexico, the Zetas drug gang massacre at Totonicapan, and many others. Castillo has participated in collective exhibitions in Central America, Mexico, the United States, Spain and Cuba, as well as contributed to the publication of several books for The Centre for Mesoamerican Research (CIRMA).

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