Thursday Brings Project Pressure and Instructor Conferences – But it’s Also Movie Night!

Instructor Andrea Bruce works with student, Keely Dakin, to help her refine and direct her project.
Instructor Andrea Bruce works with student Keely Dakin to help her refine and direct her project.


Antigua, Guatemala – Thursday saw pressure increasing on students to get their projects ready for screening to the entire workshop on Saturday.

Most students scheduled a meeting during the day or evening with their instructors to confer on their work in progress.

Instructors were met by more than a few anxious faces and sighs of frustration from students. Some were traveling into outlying villages to meet subjects and photograph people and activities essential to their stories, but were stymied by what they found in the villages or by the uncertainties of local transportation.

Students were reassured by the instructors, who also provided suggestions and ideas on how to improve their work or overcome issues in their story development.

In the evening, two movies were screened. The first, “Rite of Passage,” produced by noted videographer Brian Storm, tells the story of how instructor Maggie Steber dealt with her mother’s dementia and eventual death. It included photographs and video materials that she had taken or gathered over her mother’s lifetime.

The other was “Shooting Robert King,” which describes the early career of war photographer and former Foundry instructor Robert King, from his appearance in Bosnia at the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo, through his work in Chechnya. It traces his development and maturing as a photographer and videographer, as well as telling some of the horrors of what he saw along the way.