Matt Black & James Whitlow Delano

Personal Vision in the Public World

With James Whitlow Delano and Matt Black

The challenge for every photographer is to find your own path and develop your own unique way of visual storytelling; in short, to produce one-­of­-a­-kind work that illuminates your subject through a powerful and authentic personal vision. In this workshop, James Whitlow Delano and Matt Black will offer personalized instruction on how to create a project and bring it to fruition. Participants will propose a story idea, go out and shoot daily, receive daily critiques and editing advice individually, and through class discussions.

In this workshop James and Matt will focus on building concrete strategies towards developing your ideas, deepening themes, and establishing an ongoing visual dialogue with your subject. Also, to work on a global level, photographers need to develop new survival and technical skills; and understand current trends in international journalism.

We will discuss global trends in photography, share personal projects and back ­stories behind the making of a photo essay and the challenge of full immersion in diverse places and cultures. We will talk about the different process when producing a successful multimedia project. The emphasis will be to offer participants strategies for creating photo essays that stand apart from the masses of images bombarding viewers every day. Your documentary style can be instantly recognizable.