Announcing Foundry 2017 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations and felicidades to our full tuition scholarship winners for this year’s Foundry Mexico City workshop.

The winners are Danielle Villasana (USA), Tamara Merino (Chile), and Enrique Rashide Serrato Frias (Mexico).

Here is an image from Villasana’s winning portfolio entry:

Like many other countries worldwide, there is a stereotype in Peru that trans women are only capable of working as hairdressers or sex workers. Because of high competition for salon work and the need to pay for studies, many trans women are relegated to prostitution. Here Camila, left, gets out of a taxi after a long night of dancing.
From the series “A Light Inside,” a long-term project exploring the life-threatening challenges that trans women face in Lima, Peru.

Here is an image from Merino’s winning portfolio entry:

Gabriele Gouellain, a German immigrant, waits in the kitchen for her husband to return from mining. According to the Coober Pedy district council, about 60 percent of the town’s residents are originally from Europe, having migrated to the area after World War II. Coober Pedy, Australia 2015.

Here is an image from Frias’s winning portfolio entry:

The educational gap in the Mexican republic is imminent, there are still schools made of cardboard, as is the case of the bicentennial elementary school located north of the city of Culiacán. Not having the right infrastructure for study becomes a problem that children suffer day by day, the heat exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, many times pay attention and learn becomes almost impossible; However, the most alarming situation occurs in the family. The lack of education and employment leads to one of the most serious problems facing Mexico, violence and drug trafficking.
Teachers in these times struggle for their work as the government seeks to enrich their ambitions with the new educational reform.

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