It’s a BIG ONE! Ten years of Foundry Photojournalism Workshops!

Mexico City, July 21 – Eric Beecroft (L) meets with PhotoWings founder Suzy Katz (C) and her crew, as well as Foundry overall coordinator, Cheryl Nemazie (R), to plan for activities at the Universidad de la Comunicación.
Mexico City, July 23 – As instructors, staff and students arrive in Mexico City, the reality is setting in that it’s been almost a decade since Foundry held its first workshop, also here in Mexico City.

Since then the workshop, true to the vision of its founder, Eric Beecroft, has moved around the world to help educate emerging photojournalists who can’t easily get formal training opportunities in visual storytelling. India, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guatemala, Indonesia and South Africa have all been locations for Foundry training. Now we are back in Mexico City, where it all started.

The rich culture of this city of nine million people promises to generate great stories that need telling. With nearly 100 students enrolled, and at least thirteen instructors arriving, this year’s workshop promises to be one of the best.

But once again, before the workshop begins at Universidad de la Comunicación, many hours of work will have been done. Staff and others supporting the workshop (including the awesome crew from PhotoWings, led by the inimitable Suzy Katz) have already been here for days – planning, coorginating, collecting, and doing all the things necessary to make things run smoothly. And student have also been making their presence known, as many are here already researching their projects, arranging fixers, and otherwise preparing for the serious work this week on their photo projects.

Today the fun begins. Watch this space and we’ll keep reporting on the workshop as it proceeds!


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