About the workshop

The genesis for Foundry Photojournalism Workshops came from a conversation held some time ago on the Lightstalkers website, an online gathering place for photojournalists and travelers. There were —and are — a host of wonderful workshops out there; however, after looking around for some time, we came to the conclusion that there were a) few for people from developing nations and b) few that a photojournalism student from Europe or the US (officially a student or informally, we don’t care) could realistically afford. We also felt that, while attending a workshop for $4000 with one or two great photographers was wonderful, it could be more beneficial to create a workshop where many more instructors came, creating an impromptu community of sorts. A workshop where getting into the field, producing real reportage, getting honest, real feedback, and making new friends and developing contacts were first and foremost.

We understand the costs and work it takes to produce a top quality workshop. We were determined to do the same thing, but at a price that students and those from developing nations could afford. The best way to lower the price was to cut out profit. All profit. Our struggle was: how to get some of the best young (and young at heart) photojournalists in the world to teach? Short of paying them, we mean…

So we went out on a limb: we asked. And their kindness, enthusiasm and passion for photojournalism and for teaching blew us away. Simply put, our faculty are simply some of the most generous souls, coolest people — and amazing photographers — you’ll ever meet.

All the instructors at this FPW are donating their time and talents; FPW simply covers their travel and lodging costs. The goal of FPW is to help YOU, the passionate student, the emerging photojournalist, to hone your skills, to have a chance to work with some of the world’s best shooters in the field, on real reportage projects, to create multimedia, to see some of the best work being done today, to collaborate, to make contact, plan future projects, develop your own vision and leave the workshop energized, exhausted, and more committed then ever to concerned photography, storytelling and to documenting our world through the lens.

The week will be packed; while the schedule is still being arranged, expect unique classes, a special multimedia creation course, extensive fieldwork shooting stories, one on one portfolio reviews, nightly slideshows by our instructors, panel discussions, working dinners, and a final night’s projection of the best student and instructor work from the workshop. From there, you’re encouraged to stay in the area for awhile — head out on the road with new-found friends, develop contacts and ideas with the pros before you go, and take the chance to shoot some amazing work in an amazing place.

Foundry Photojournalism Workshops could not happen without our generous sponsor PhotoWings. PhotoWings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to utilizing the power of photography to further deep thinking, communication, and action. Besides the support they provide to Foundry workshops, they produce amazing content featuring some of Foundry’s instructors and other exceptional leaders in the field of photography. Check them out!

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