Nathan Weyland

Instructor: Ron Haviv and Michael Robinson Chavez

“The Mexico City metropolitan area is home to between 25 and 30 million people (official estimates vary). To provide sustenance to the residents and products to the countless food stands, numerous markets of various size dot the sprawling metropolis – from Centro de Abastos, one of the largest covered markets in the world, to Jamaica Market, nestled in a residential neighborhood in the South east of the city. This essay explores the color, diversity and hustle of Mexico City’s dynamic marketplaces”.


G. Morty Ortega

Story: Mariachi Culture
Instructors: Ben Lowy and Shaul Schwarz

Having grown up in Texas amidst Tex-Mex culture, mariachi music was always in the background. Going to Mexico allowed me to explore and learn all about this slowly dying traditional culture that includes everything from specialized hat-makers and tailors to women’s growing role as musicians.

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