Martyn Aim

Story: Trouble in Paradise
Instructor: Ron Haviv

The north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh lies at the foothills of the Himalayas. Manali, a tourist town in the Kullu Valley is the set-off point for foreign trekkers, spiritual seekers, and hedonists drawn by the promise of cheap high quality marijuana in an idyllic setting. Many never leave.
Despite this influx of outsiders, Indians make up the majority of tourists. Honeymooners and families from across the country come north to escape the sweltering summer months.
This Himalayan Shangri-La is in danger of being spoiled by the environmental impacts of intensive tourism. There is trouble in paradise.


Nariman Ansari

Instructors: Andrea Bruce & Stephanie Sinclair

While researching on Turkey’s culture, I was surprised to learn of the GLBT scene and how open it was. Being from a predominantly Muslim country myself, it seemed quite shocking that Turkey had so many gay clubs, a GLBT magazine, even a GLBT pride week! It was something I simply couldn’t imagine ever happening in Pakistan. So I felt like investigating the issues that the GLBT were having and what the situation was for lesbians in particular. I had been assigned to Andrea Bruce, who is a very warm and inspirational instructor. She helped me figure out how to work around the obstacles I was facing, and how to build a story.


Mervyn Leong

Experience the spiritual and social effects in the Hammam (Turkish Bath).

During my recent visit to Istanbul, I have commited to making a short multimedia photo essay about travel or lifestyle as homework for the Foundry Photoworkshop 2010. After some tinkering, I came up with the idea of documenting the spiritual and social effects of the Turkish Baths a.k.a. Hammams. I made a few visits to the famous historical hammams in Istanbul and after lots of sweat and blood, please find the final product from my hardwork.

HAMMAM: Spreader of Warmth from Mervyn Leong on Vimeo.

Paulette Waltz

Instructor: Henrik Kastenskov

“After the long and dangerous trek escaping from Tibet to Manali, girls learn a trade at Tibetan Children’s Village hopefully giving them skills to work in the future. Most of them left their family behind to find better opportunities and the Tibetan community supports them in education and maintaining their cultural heritage”.

Jonathan Henderson

Story: The Corner Market
Instructor: Ron Haviv

“In a time of increased globalization and multi-national corporations a small slice of nostalgia continues in Turkey in the form of mom and pop corner markets. Though they are not disappearing at the rate of their U.S. counterparts they are slowly being pushed out of business by large supermarket chains. Brothers Mehmet and Yasar Yildirim began working at their father’s corner shop thirty years ago as young boys. Their father retired five years ago leaving the shop for them to run”.


Karan Vaid

Story: Gul Annem (living with Alzheimer’s)

“Since I am primarily interested in producing compelling human narratives through my photography, I decided to photograph a widowed Turkish Lady, Halima, who had Alzheimer’s disease and was living in an old age home in Istanbul.

I could see that Istanbul is a rapidly developing city at par with its European counterparts… but private old age homes are a new concept in an otherwise traditional family oriented population. I chose to photograph Halima in the hope that my photographs could show the change in the outlook of Turkey’s younger generation towards traditional family values and beliefs”.

Gul Annem (the flower mother) from karan vaid on Vimeo.

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