8 February 2010


Where and when is this year’s workshop?

Mexico City, Mexico – 23-29 July 2017

Which countries are eligible for the discounted local tuition of $495.00 USD?

Local/regional students must be from Latin America, the Caribbean or Brazil.

or from Foundry 2016 regional country list:

Someone who has a passport from a country on the African continent.


What is the typical daily schedule of the workshop?

Each class is different but generally students will meet with their teacher and class for part of each day for a lecture and/or critique.  When not in class, they will work on their personal project.  Each evening there is a presentation for all of the students, faculty and staff.  Students will receive a schedule of evening events on the first day of the workshop.  Expect to be kept very, very busy.

You can view sample schedules from past year’s workshops here:
Foundry 2015 Schedule.pdf
Foundry 2014 Schedule.pdf
Foundry 2013 Schedule.pdf

When working on our personal projects, are we expected to work solo i.e. go out and shoot on our own? I’m concerned that I wouldn’t have a decent understanding of Mexico City for the personal project.

Yes, students at the workshop create individual projects and are responsible for finding the stories they produce along with any additional help they may need such as fixers or translators. If you are concerned that you will not have enough understanding of the region you can do some research on stories prior to attending the workshop. Students often arrive a few days (or weeks even!) prior to the workshop to start on-the-ground research.

When should I arrive in Mexico City and when should I leave?

The workshop officially begins at 5pm on a Sunday but it is recommended that you arrive a day or two early to get yourself settled and to avoid the risk of arriving late and missing part of the workshop.  The workshop ends with a slideshow of student work on the last day, followed by an after party.  Sunday you are free to leave though many students make plans to travel together after the workshop ends.

Does the tuition price include airfare, hotels, food or transportation?

No. Tuition only covers workshop events and classes; students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodations and meals.

I live in one of the countries eligible for reduced tuition, but am a citizen of another country.  Can I pay reduced tuition?

Sorry, no. These discounts are provided to make sure that regional photographers are represented at the workshop. Thanks for understanding.

Who is eligible to enroll in the workshop?

There are no age restrictions for the workshop.  However, students should have less than three years experience as a professional photographer unless you are from the region (Asia).

* This restriction does NOT apply to regional photographers from Latin America/Brazil/Caribbean or from last year’s region: Africa

Can you book my hotel for me?

No, we can’t.  You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations.  We will post a list of a few hotels in the area.

What are the typical daily costs in Mexico City?

This varies widely, and depends on your lifestyle and whether you share a room with another student. We estimate between $x-$x USD per day.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer a few full or partial scholarships to promising students. Apply now!

If I already paid tuition, can I still apply for a scholarship?

Yes, you can.  The judges for the scholarships are not aware who has or has not paid and it will not factor into their decision.  If you win a partial or full scholarship, the money you have already paid will be reimbursed.

How can I be sure to get into a specific class?

Preference will be given to those who paid first. Students who register earliest get their first choice.  However, all Foundry instructors are working photojournalists.  If your assigned teacher cannot make the workshop for some reason, we will work with you to place you in another class.  All of our instructors volunteer their time so we have to be flexible.  Thanks for understanding.

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