Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is this year’s workshop?

Kolkata, India – Mid-July 2018

Which countries are eligible for the discounted local tuition?

Local/regional students must be from South and Southeast Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

or from Foundry 2017 regional country list: Someone who has a passport from Latin America, the Caribbean or Brazil.

If I already paid tuition, can I still apply for a scholarship?
What is the typical daily schedule of the workshop?
When working on our personal projects, are we expected to work solo i.e. go out and shoot on our own? I'm concerned that I wouldn't have a decent understanding of Kolkata for the personal project.
When should I arrive in Kolkata and when should I leave?
Does the tuition price include airfare, hotels, food or transportation?
I live in one of the countries eligible for reduced tuition, but am a citizen of another country. Can I pay reduced tuition?
Who is eligible to enroll in the workshop?
Can you book my hotel for me?
What are the typical daily costs in Kolkata?
How can I be sure to get into a specific class?

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    1. The full scholarship is a tuition waiver. Scholarship recipients do not pay for the workshop but are responsible for everything else: lodging, accommodation, travel expenses, etc.

    1. You will have portfolio reviews with your instructors in your classes, so you can choose up to 2 other instructors to get reviewed by.

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