Kael Alford & Thorne Anderson

Poetic Multimedia: Your voice in storytelling

with Kael Alford & Thorne Anderson

Multimedia storytelling can have the same power, intimacy and poetry as still photography. In this class we will help you bring a sophisticated photography aesthetic to your multimedia production. Students will produce stories that rely on strong still images with the added dimensions of moving images and audio to give greater voice to their subjects. You will learn how to frame and shoot lyrical video using motion as a composition device, how to conduct and edit useful audio interviews, and how to edit short multimedia videos using Final Cut Pro X. Students may work with traditional or experimental narrative styles. Your instructors have produced multimedia from conflict zones to back yards and have curated multimedia for editorial clients, museums, and gallery installations. We’ll discuss how to add video and audio without losing your voice as a still photographer, how to economize your video shooting to tell effective narratives, and how to record and edit audio and video by professional standards. This course is well suited to students looking to add creative audio and video skills to their photography repertoire, while maintaining their personal voice.

Students should arrive with DSLR cameras with video capability, audio recorders and ideally, tripods. Laptop computers with Final Cut Pro X are essential. Please contact faculty in advance for questions about affordable equipment, trial software, and tricking out your kit. We’re here to help make this possible and economical: kaelalford@gmail.com, thorneanderson@gmail.com

Here are some examples of recent student work, produced by Thorne Anderson’s students: http://heartofmexicostories.com/2014/

And a video piece produced by Kael Alford, to accompany a photography book and exhibition commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (Bottom of da Boot: Louisiana’s Disappearing Coast): https://vimeo.com/91529537

See photography from Iraq by both Kael and Thorne here: http://www.unembedded.com

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