Monday Evening – Insights into The Border, Creativity and Guatemala’s Violent History


Fashion photographer Claire Rosen addresses students on how to be more creative in their photography
Fashion photographer Claire Rosen addresses students on how to be more creative in their photography

Antigua, Guatemala – Monday evening comes and, yes, there’s more…two hours of additional information and insights!

Students and instructors gathered in the auditorium of the Santo Domingo conference center to hear instructors talk about their work and experiences.

Leading off was Kirsten Luce, instructor and education coordinator for Foundry, as well as regular freelancer for the NY Times. She showed a variety of work, including a gripping series of images from the US/Mexico border region capturing the environment around illegal immigration.

Next came fashion photographer Claire Rosen, who focused on what helps visual and other artists to be more creative. She provided a long list of recommended activities, ranging from 20 minutes of exercise each day to recognizing your natural sleep pattern and accepting it, even if it is contrary to that of everyone around you (hear that, night owls?). It was a real crowd-pleaser.

Finally, Moises Castillo and Victor Blue talked and showed significant work covering the history of political and criminal violence in Guatemala. It was not a pleasant visual experience, but it was extraordinarily good photojournalism.

The evening ended with students heading to their lodgings to get ready to work with their subjects early on Tuesday. Maybe it is from the years of nocturnal violence, but unlike many Latin American countries, Antigua is definitely a go-to-bed-early-get-up-early culture.


2014 Scholarship Winners

Foundry is pleased to announce our 2014 scholarship winners. We had over 70 applications to go through and these are the winners.

Foundry tiene el agrado de anunciar los ganadores de las becas del 2014. Tuvimos mas de 70 postulaciones y aquí está la lista de ganadores:

Lauren DeCicca (USA)
Natalie Keyssar (USA)
Andre Malerba (USA)
Jonas Opperskalski (Germany)
Linh Pham (Vietnam)
Tina Remiz (Latvia)
Cesar Rodriguez Becerra (Mexico)
Michelle Siu (Canada)
Christian Ugarte Bravo (Peru)
Daniele Volpe (Guatemala)

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